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Music is deeply engrained in our culture. We dance during joyous celebrations, sing hymns and songs for worship and use instrumental music as a way to express what we are unable to say. Children learn to connect with music when they are given the opportunity to explore their voices, their bodies, and their capacity for expression. Through enjoyable songs, dances and games, they practice and develop the necessary skills to participate in a wide variety of musical experiences in the classroom and beyond for the rest of their lives.  

PreK through 2nd Grade:


Students in early education and lower elementary will primarily focus on skill building in the following areas:

-Vocal and pitch development

-Performing a steady beat

-Recognizing meter that is in groups of 2s or 3s

-Responding and performing expressively to music

3rd and 4th Grade:

Students in 3rd and 4th grade will continue to work on and develop the skills listed above, but will move on to music literacy. Students will learn to read and write notation and reinforce these concepts through the recorder and other classroom instruments. Students will also have opportunities for improvisation and composition. 

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